Speech is intimate.
Communication is key to consent.
SLPs, it's time to talk.

Let's talk about SEX.

SLPs and... Sex?

We're speech-language pathologists. We got into this field to help people live happier, fuller lives. We know that communication is part of... well... everything.

And when communication ability gets in the way of daily life, that's where we shine. We help chefs get back in the kitchen post-stroke. We help patients with dementia keep playing Bridge. We help students keep track of their tools in vocational school, find tricks to learn chemistry, you name it.
Communication, attention, executive function - they affect everything, so we do too.

But sex? Yikes. Not touching that.
(But...wait. Why?)

We're communication experts, and we know...

  • Communication and consent go hand-in-hand.
  • Communication is key to healthy sex.
  • Sexual health is important for mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
  • People with communication disorders deserve intimacy too.

You can help.
You may be the only one who does.

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